corporate social responsibility

Logo Fashion Industries (Pvt.) Ltd takes initiative to contribute for harmonious and sustainable development of the society through out all business activities. We respect local and, international laws and regulations as well as conduct our business with honesty. Furthermore, we expect and encourage our business partners to support our initiative for betterment of the society.

  • Our employees are treated as partners and we believe that they define success of our business. So, we encourage and provide appropriate platform for them to grow.
  • We support fair and equal employment opportunities without any gender discrimination. However, Nepal is still a male dominating society so we encourage women for their participation. Also, we do not tolerate any kind of forced or child labor.
  • We strive to provide fair working conditions and appropriate working environment without any fear of health and safety.
Business Partners
  • We work closely with our business partners and try to create long term relationships with them. We believe in mutual growth based on mutual trust.
  • We look forward working with new business partners regardless of their size, strengths or nationality.
Our Recent Activities

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